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at Silver Lake Country Club

General Information

Mission Statement

The Forward Tee Club’s mission is to provide golf events of a competitive, yet fun nature for Golf Member of Silver Lake Country Club.  The events shall consist of individual and team formats all of which will be run in accordance to the USGA Rules of Golf. 

Who may join The Forward Tee Club?

The Forward Tee Club is open to all Golf Members.  It is an optional club with an annual dues of $100 for 18-Hole events and/or $75 for 9-Hole events.  Both 18-Hole and 9-Hole Members may participate in the FTC Twilight Stableford events.

Why join The Forward Tee Club?

Competitive golf has always been a great tradition at Silver Lake Country Club and The Forward Tee Club looks to help uphold that tradition.  Members of the Forward Tee Club will have exclusive access to the following events:

FTC Club Championships
FTC Diamond Derby
FTC Emerald Derby
FTC Buddy - Buddy
FTC Beat The Pro
FTC Solheim Cup Team Match Play
FTC Opening & Closing Day
FTC Player of the Year Points Race
FTC Spring Meeting & Fall Awards Ceremony

...as well as all of our other Tuesday and/or Thursday play days!

Rules & Points

Teeing Ground
The Red Tees shall be the designated tees for all FTC events unless otherwise specified. The USGA Handicap Manual Rule 3-5 (Players Competing from Different Tees or Men and Women from Same Tees) shall be used for all net events. Players may elect to play from the Orange Tees if the player’s age and handicap index amount to 90 or more.

In the advent of a tie, money and points will be split equally among those players/teams whom are tied.

Blind Draws

In the advent that a “Blind Draw” is needed in team play, the Pro Shop shall select at random a unique Blind Draw for each person/team in need of a player. Players selected as a Blind Draw, may place for their original team as well as with the team in which they are being used as a “Blind Draw”.   In that instance, that player will only receive the higher points and money amount won.  Their lower points and prize money won will be discarded. The Pro Shop will always attempt to pair individual players together rather then utilizing “Blind Draws”. 

Score Cards must be properly filled out with each players Last Name, First Initial, & Course Handicap.  The Player/Team is responsible for dotting each players card, figuring hole-by-hole nets scores, and adding total individual and team scores.  Only if a “Blind Draw” is needed does a team not need to figure their team score.  Score Cards must be turned in on the day of play. 

Points & Prizes

From FTC Opening Day until the FTC Closing Day, FTC Members may earn points in FTC Events & Tournaments.  Those points will be calculated throughout the year and at years end a FTC Player of the Year will be crowned. These points will also be used to payout prizes in the form of a Pro Shop Gift Certificate.

Regular Events
1st Place
3 Points
2nd Place
2 Points
3rd Place
1 Points
1 Point

Major Events
1st Place
6 Points
2nd Place
4 Points
3rd Place
2 Points

1 Point
Diamond Derby, Emerald Derby, & Buddy/Buddy

Club Championships in Flight
1st Place
9 Points
2nd Place
7 Points
3rd Place
5 Points
4th Place
3 Points
5th Place
1 Points
1 Point
FTC Handicap Requirements

A local Silver Lake Country Club GHIN Handicap is required in order to play in all FTC Events.  A minimum of 5 scores must be posted to a players handicap account before they may compete in a FTC Event.  For FTC Club Championships, a minimum of 10 scores must be posted before a player may compete.  Members of the FTC are to post scores according the the USGA’s Handicap Manual Rules. 

FTC18 Chip In Challenge

During FTC 18 Hole events, Members may enter into the weekly "Chip-In Challenge".  A $1 entry fee will be collected before play begins and if any Member of the FTC chips in, they get the pot.  If no one chips in, then the money is carried over to the next week until someone eventually chips in. 

FTC Silver/Quail Cup Team Qualifying

Members of Silver Lake Country Club and Quail Hollow compete annually in a friendly competition between the two clubs.  The Top 3 Players on the FTC18 Player of the Year Points list as well as the FTC Club Champion earn spots on the team. 

FTC Stableford Points System
NET BIRDIE = 2 Points
NET PAR = 1 Points
NET BOGEY = 0 Point

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