Wednesday, April 26, 2017

2017 President's Cup Deadline


The 2017 President's Cup deadline is Friday April 28th at 6:00 PM.

If you are not signed up please do so by the deadline. No entries will be accepted after the deadline. In addition, you must be a paid member of TPC to participate and anyone who is signed up for the event that is NOT a paid TPC member will NOT be added to the bracket.

2017 Participants that are signed up:

Chuck Adya
Paul Appleby
Rick Archer
Rick Areddy
Emily Baumgartner
John Bernhart
Derek Boyer
Jim Brannon
Mark Brook
Steve Cochrane
Jacob Coker
Mike Connick
Ed Cornell
Aaron Cuddy
Dominic Cugini
Dave Demming
Jim Durr
Dave Edwards
Howard Essner
Bob Faller
Mike Fulmer
Tom Gattozzi
Dan Glessner
Mark Guadagni
Chris Guanciale
Andy Haas III
Doug Hartman
Ric Haury
Greg Helmick
Charlie Hickson
Mike Hoffman
Hubert Hopkins
Phil Howren
Fred Jabbour
Jim Johnson
Ron Johnson
Marty Kardish
Chris Kohler
Bill Kruse
Paul Laczo
Jim LaFLeur
Brian Lawhead
Ron Lombardo
Rob Mains
Dan McCoy
Kevin McCreary
Mike McGuiness
Tim McKinnon
Brian McNicholas
Al Miano
Tom Misbrener
Steve Montgomery
Bruce Morris
Brian Mossor
Abe Newman
Dave Olivier
Brandon Pauley
Tim Pitts
Brian Quinn
Dave Ramos
Rich Rango
Mike Rasor
Dave Rine
Dave Ryan
Rich Sharnsky
Gregg Shellhorn
Alan Spalding
Stephen Spalding
Steve St. Jean
Michael Stephan
Mike Testa
Mike Thorson
Tim Truby
Al Wangenheim
Eric Weber
John White
Craig Wilhoit
Bob Wolf
David Worhatch

Dustin Zimmerman

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