Friday, July 18, 2014

Our attention to it not happening quickly enough is what keeps pushing it away.  In other words, the emotional vibration of impatience is what keeps us bouncing back and forth between mind states of belief and disbelief – sort of like a two steps forward, two steps backwards kind of approach. We can have the greatest talent on the planet, but before long an impatient mind will find a way to create a tension-filled urgency that locks up the body with resistance – at which time we grind even harder, become more impatient when we don’t see immediate improvement, get more frustrated, work even harder, and on and on.  While often easier said than done, the solution is to detach, chill, and go with “the flow,” at which time we vibrate internally with an energy that brings (allows) everything to our performance that was patiently waiting to express itself once we learned to get out of our own way.

- Spirit of Golf

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